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The 6 Pillars of Digital Transformation

Posted on: July 6th, 2016 | Category: Application Development, Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, Network Security, Technology

“Digital transformations” aren’t sold in stores – they require careful executive planning and cross-functional coordination to reward businesses with optimized internal processes, better branding and higher customer engagement. Easier said than done.


We’ve put together six pillars integral to every digital transformation to help your business stay on track for a smoother, risk-free transition. How do your initiatives hold up?

  1. Digital transformation strategy
    When 87 percent of executives say their companies’ digital transformation strategy will differentiate them from their competitors. To move forward, business leaders and IT professionals must first collaborate on a foolproof transformation strategy.
  2. Networks and computing architectures
    Switching between different modes of enterprise communication takes up a lot of time around the office. Businesses that utilize unified messaging save an average of 75 minutes every workday. With that in mind, network infrastructures must have the means to support unified communication platforms.
  3. E-commerce and web development
    When web content takes too long to load, users lose interest. Conversion rates drop 7 percent with each passing second that businesses leave consumers hanging. That’s why all companies conducting sales online should demand exemplary customer service and optimal performance from their e-commerce platforms.
  4. Cloud consumption models
    By 2018, 58 percent of businesses will operate via cloud computing instead of through on-premise technology. Therefore, no digital transformation is complete without finding a reliable, security-minded cloud provider.
  5. Digital branding and marketing
    In the next year, experts foresee a 12 percent bump in digital marketing budgets throughout the business world. For a high return on investment, companies should only partner with organizations that not only know technology but live it.
  6. Cybersecurity and threat management
    Data breaches are a $500 billion problem annually that businesses around the globe must address. During their digital transformations, executives must ensure their capital-intensive IT assets, as well as the data inside, stay safe at all times


For a more visual look at the six pillars of Digital Transformation download our Infographic.

Download Infographic
Chuck Zwicker

Chuck Zwicker

Chuck Zwicker is a Senior Vice President at Weidenhammer with over 28 years of experience in IT consulting, direct and channel sales, sales management, operational execution, and marketing/branding.