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Expect more from your cloud service provider

Posted on: February 12th, 2016 | Category: Cloud Computing, Technology

Enterprise leaders have become very familiar with cloud technology over the years, using these services to achieve flexible and affordable IT infrastructures for their businesses. ScienceLogic recently conducted a “Trends in Global Cloud Adoption” survey, which found that 83 percent of organizations plan to increase their public cloud spending over the next year. It’s becoming clear that the traditional methods of IT are on their way out, as cloud services take center stage.

But the survey went on the show that many organizations are not getting what they want from their cloud providers in a number of key areas. For a high-performance company with lofty goals, dissatisfaction with a cloud vendor cannot be accepted. Here’s a look at what an organization should expect from its cloud service providers, and how these factors can lead to improved performances and results.

“Raise the standard for your cloud provider.”

Expect more visibility and control
ScienceLogic found that with nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of companies using more than one public cloud provider at a time, the average organization is not able to monitor server performances with an optimal level of insight. Cloud sprawl is an issue for 75 percent of organizations, diminishing the authority of the IT department and creating application environments that are less than optimal.

“Without this deep visibility of dependencies, organizations risk losing millions per year due to network outages that could have been prevented or shortened with the use of monitoring tools,” stated ScienceLogic CEO Dave Link.

In fact, the source showed that 82 percent of respondents lacked advanced visibility into their public cloud infrastructure, leading to reduced control and squandered potential. Decision-makers must ensure that their cloud providers offer a clear and honest view of how their cloud systems are performing to maximize potential.

Expect security and compliance
Performance is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to raising expectations for the cloud. These days, organizations must adhere to a growing and changing set of regulatory standards for data storage and transfers. Regardless of where their data is held or processed, companies must be able to provide complete and accurate reports of their digital assets.

Of course, this means that cloud providers take on much of these responsibilities for themselves. As an article from CIO noted, vendors can’t fall behind on these tasks, as major fees and risks can quickly take their toll. An organization should hold its cloud providers to a higher standard of compliance awareness and adherence, and this will foster a more secure, risk-averse IT environment overall.

“In too many states the security posture is decentralized,” stated Doug Robinson, NASCIO’s executive director, according to the source. “There’s some general guidance, but there’s not strong oversight and compliance. They’ve got a speed limit, but no one’s running the radar gun.”

Providers must have all the pieces to the cloud puzzle.Providers must have all the pieces to the cloud puzzle.

Expect ongoing support and service
An organization’s cloud strategy needs to evolve along with its business goals, meaning that a vendor partnership must be as flexible as it is strong. An ideal service provider must not only lead a client through an initial consultative engineering process to begin the deployment, but also continue to evaluate and adjust the strategy as objectives and conditions change with time.

CIO explained that even a well-established IT department won’t be able to create an ideal public cloud if vendors are not willing to help them establish and execute an “enterprise vision and roadmap for IT.” When an organization operates in harmony with its cloud service provider, it will remain on top of all the trends and developments necessary to thrive in the digital age.

Rick Phillips

Rick Phillips

Richard P. Phillips is Weidenhammer’s , Vice President, Compute Solutions. He oversees the overall management of the line of business specializing in Network Infrastructure Solutions, Professional Engineering Consulting, IT Management Consulting, Managed Services, and Cloud IT Solutions. Phillips is a graduate of McCann School of Business and Lehigh Data Institute and a member of the Managed Service Provider University (MSPU). Holding numerous systems certifications with IBM, and manufacturing consulting certifications with MAPICS and APICS, he has earned Sales Professional and Technical Sales Professional certifications with VMware. Under his management, Weidenhammer has received the MVP Award from business partner Ingram Micro representing the Eastern Region of the United States.