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Sponsorship and Training to Ensure a Successful BI Solution

Posted on: March 26th, 2014 | Category: Business Intelligence

One of the worst end-results for a data warehouse / business intelligence implementation (or any IT project, for that matter) is inability to achieve intended popular / mass adoption within the organization – Essentially indicating a failed solution. No matter how well-thought-out the business and construction plan for an envisioned analytics and reporting platform may have been, large or small – the project deliverable often times may not find a realized ROI if the BI solution is not backed by analytical consulting and ongoing end user training.

When engaging with clients on a proposed BI and / or data visualization project, we stress the importance of ensuring the new reporting platform will be used as intended; by those who are intended to use it. As your business intelligence consultants, we at Weidenhammer strive to work with our clients on an appropriate training plan (often through formal group mentoring) that instructs individuals and departments on achieving the right reporting and analytics for all parts of the organization, based on the centralized single point of truth (the data warehouse).

Through our experience in helping customers plan and deploy BI solutions within their organizations, we have found that it is important to not only train the end users on how to achieve the best reports using Excel or another presentation layer or dashboard, but also force questions to be asked such as:

  • What to do with this newly found data?
  • What current business decisions change based on the organization’s exposure to new analytics?
  • Do current decisions require a new decision process?
  • Does the new level of availability (either timeliness or accessibility) of the analytics prompt a change in corporate strategy?

This type of follow-up business analysis consulting, though sometimes a hard sell, always proves to be just as important (or even more so) than the implementation project itself. Once a client (and its team members) realizes or begins to consider what the effects of even one new piece of analytics can mean to a department or the company as a whole, that is when the true value of a business intelligence solution becomes evident – almost always leading to further use / adoption and follow-up feature requests.

Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Chris Smith is a Unit Manager within Weidenhammer’s Solution Delivery team that focuses on the architecture, management, development, and support of custom business applications and environments. His main concentration resolves around Microsoft technologies, platforms, and frameworks – such .NET Framework and SQL Server. During the past few years, Mr. Smith has helped establish a Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse practice within the department, allowing Weidenhammer to provide small to large scale reporting and analytical solutions for its clients – including ad-hoc analysis and dashboard offerings. Mr. Smith is a Temple University graduate.