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The Art of Being Prepared

Posted on: October 20th, 2014 | Category: Business Consulting, Technology

A recent Washington Post article outlined how unprepared hospitals and personnel felt about dealing with possible Ebola cases, despite repeated guidance from the CDC and other health agencies. The primary issue is not that guidelines don’t exist – they do. The primary issue is that health care facilities have not exercised the guidelines and become confident in using them.

Your organization is unlikely to have to deal with Ebola, but you may have to deal with issues that can threaten the life of your organization. Have you identified potential risks to your organization and developed plans to reduce or eliminate them? Have you developed plans to recover from an organizational-threatening disaster?

As hospitals have discovered, even with a plan, a disaster can happen if employees aren’t aware of the plan and have exercised it. Exercising the plan – even performing a quick tabletop exercise – will uncover issues that haven’t been full thought out or processes that aren’t fully understood. This leads to improvements in the plan and makes staff confident it will work when the time comes. Think about, develop, and exercise a plan before a disaster strikes so that you and your team can confidently handle it.

Weidenhammer Consulting Group helps organizations identify critical risks and develop Business Continuity Plans to reduce and overcome these risks. We facilitate exercises that make staff confident about their plans and their ability to respond. Contact Rick Sutton, Senior Business Consultant, at for more information.

Rick Sutton

Rick Sutton

Rick Sutton manages the Weidenhammer Consulting Group, the business consulting division of Weidenhammer Systems Corporation. He has 30 years of leadership experience in business management, including 20 years in strategic planning, information technology, operational improvement, project management, and risk management. Rick has worked in a variety of industries including financial services, information technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and consulting. He has managed information security and project management offices for both financial service and manufacturing companies. Rick has developed business and IT strategic plans for a variety of companies. He regularly performs technology assessments, developing strategic road maps for companies to improve their IT operations and increase their reliability. Most recently he helped develop the business continuity plan for a regional bank in New Jersey and he developed the IT strategic plan for a distribution consulting firm in Pennsylvania. Rick is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He has a degree in Finance from Villanova University and a MBA in Finance from Drexel University.