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Why Project Management is Necessary

Posted on: November 11th, 2014 | Category: Business Consulting

Many of our customers ask if project management is really necessary in our engagements – is the cost necessary?

Proper project management saves money and is vital to ensuring a project meets your goals. A project manager is responsible for the following:

  • Getting agreement on scope: making sure that everyone (customers, consultant, vendors) are on the same page about the project. Are we all in agreement with the objectives of the project, what is included, and more importantly what isn’t included?
  • Moving the project forward – reminding people of their roles, their requirements, and their deadlines for the project. This is the biggest part of the project manager’s role.
  • Managing project changes – ensuring everyone understands the ramifications of project changes – balancing the changes against cost, timing, and resources.
    Identifying risks / handling obstacles – when risks or obstacles appear, making sure everyone is aware of the obstacles, the impact on the project, and marshaling the resources to make decisions to eliminate the obstacle.
  • Providing regular status reports – making sure that everyone is aware of what’s going on with the project. What’s been accomplished, what decisions are pending, what obstacles are putting the project at risk, and what resources are needed to remove those obstacles.
  • Project management pays for itself by keeping everyone engaged, moving the project forward, identifying costly risks or delays, and ensuring decisions are made in timely manner.

    Weidenhammer Consulting Group can help your projects achieve your strategic business objectives. Our consultants have specific project management training and include certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). Contact Rick Sutton, Senior Business Consultant, at for more information.

Rick Sutton

Rick Sutton

Rick Sutton manages the Weidenhammer Consulting Group, the business consulting division of Weidenhammer Systems Corporation. He has 30 years of leadership experience in business management, including 20 years in strategic planning, information technology, operational improvement, project management, and risk management. Rick has worked in a variety of industries including financial services, information technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and consulting. He has managed information security and project management offices for both financial service and manufacturing companies. Rick has developed business and IT strategic plans for a variety of companies. He regularly performs technology assessments, developing strategic road maps for companies to improve their IT operations and increase their reliability. Most recently he helped develop the business continuity plan for a regional bank in New Jersey and he developed the IT strategic plan for a distribution consulting firm in Pennsylvania. Rick is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He has a degree in Finance from Villanova University and a MBA in Finance from Drexel University.